Music Industry Education Clinic

Applicable to: 

A LEVEL – Music Tech

All vocational courses including:

BTEC LEVEL 2 & 3 – Music/ Music Technology, Performing Arts 


NCFE  LEVEL 2 – Performance Skills Using Music, Certificate in Creative Skills: Music Technology 

ARTS AWARD – Bronze, Silver, Gold

The Drumshed offers Music Industry Clinics for schools and colleges, which provide engaging, real life industry insights from a working musician. Clinics are delivered by a successful, working session musician and teacher with current and up-to-date industry knowledge.

The length of the session is between 1-2 hours depending on your requirements and the sections below are flexible. The programme can be adjusted to suit the needs of your students and the course you deliver:

  • Live Performance (playing along to a song by an artist they have worked with and immediately engaging the students)
  • Introduction (musicians’ background, industry experience, a video to demonstrate the artist’s musical collaborations and to keep all students fully engaged)
  • Q & A sessions (a chance for the class to ask questions related to their studies and personal ambitions. There is an option for this to be teacher-led in the form of an interview should you feel that approach would work better)

Who Delivers the Clinics?

Clinics are delivered by Chris Morris, a professional drummer, session musician & producer who has worked with some of the music industry’s leading artists such as: Lethal Bizzle/ Marina and the Diamonds/ Big Sean/ Kiesza/ Natalie La Rose/ Akala/ Matt Redman/ Noel Robinson/ Lara Martin/ Beverley Trotman. Chris is an inspiring musician working  at the forefront of the music industry, but he also brings experience in secondary education where he spent 4 years helping to deliver the BTEC level 2 first award in music qualification. His combination of teaching and music industry experience allow him to engage students of all abilities. His approachable manner creates a supportive environment in which students feel they can ask all the questions that they need to.

For more information on Chris please click here to see bio.

We are also able to cater for different types of musicians should you feel that this would be more appropriate for your students.  We are able to supply a range of working professionals active in the music industry:

Brass players/ Bassists/ Drummers/ Percussionist/ Pianists/ Guitarists/ Woodwind players/ String players/ Producers/ Engineers/ Programmers.

If you are interested in clinics that focus more on the instrument and the artist, then please check out our Inspire Clinics.

Coursework Recording

In addition we can provide an opportunity for you to have a session musician to play on student course work recordings. Giving students the chance to work with a seasoned pro musician proves to be an invaluable experience, allowing students to fully focus and demonstrate their capabilitiesThis has been a popular addition to the MIEC (Music Industry Education Clinics) with A level Music Technology.